DIY Unicorn Birthday Decoration

I love throwing parties whether its for kids or adults. I just love to be part of creating a joyful environment for people to enjoy, and an important element of throwing a party is the ambiance. Therefore, when my cousin said she was planning her daughter’s 6th birthday party, I quickly raised my hand to contribute the decoration for the unicorn themed party.


First thing Celine and I did was to have a look around Pinterest and pick out the decoration ideas we wanted to create for the party. We then created a plan board and a list of the material we need for each craft project.


Bunting just transforms a normal space into a festive one and its pretty easy to make.

1. Choose the type of material and colors you want to use for your bunting. In this case we used colored paper.

2. Fold the paper in half and using a ruler, indicate the middle of the page on the top.

3. Using this dot, draw a triangle by drawing 2 lines to the opposite corners of the page.

4. Cut out the triangle and you will have 3 triangles

5. Fold the bottom side of the triangle and attach to the string using either glue or staples. If you’re using cloth for your bunting, you can either sew the bottom bit to the string or use cloth glue.

Wall Deco

Since this was an indoor party, we decided to create some wall decoration too and so we started by cutting up some large cardboard paper to make the birthday girl’s name and age. We decorated each letter/ number differently to show you the different designs you can create, however, if you prefer a neater look you can stick with one pattern for all the letters.

Number 6 Slide

And finally add some sparkle to your wall decoration by sticking on some gemstones, glitter or sequence.

Number 6 S4

For the wall decoration we also created Rainbow clouds and Unicorn Heads which we’ve shown you how to create in the video tutorial.

What’s a birthday party without party hats.  We designed a very easy unicorn headband for all the girls to wear at the party.

Unicorn Headband

You can download the printable template from this link: Unicorn Headband


Cake Pops4

Now I must confess this is a cheat version of cake pops as I was too lazy to make the real ones and kids love them just as much. These are sooo easy to make.

Cake Pops2

  1. I buy Timbits from Tim Hortins or donut bites from any donut shop. These are my cake pops.
  2. First melt some chocolate chips in a small bowl.
  3. Dip a candy stick in the melted chocolate, insert it into the Timbit and then let it sit for a few minutes to dry.
  4. Dip the Timbit in the melted chocolate then decorate with some sprinkle.

Cake Pops33

Here are some shots of the party





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