Toilet Roll Crafts

We love up-cycling and toilet rolls are among our favorite materials to use for crafts. Here are 5 toilet roll craft projects we’ve tried and loved.


1. Build a fairy tale Castle 

Whether someone decides to build a spooky medieval castle for Halloween, a French style Chateaux or an exotic fairy-tale palace, toilet rolls are probably the easiest way to create the towers.

In this video we show you how we built our fairy-tale castle step by step.


2. Lady Bird & Bee 

This is an easy craft project for kids which they can do by themselves. Children can make ladybirds, bees or butterflies from toilet rolls. All they will need is some colored paper, glue, a pair of scissors and craft googly eyes.


3. Jewelry Box

This is a perfect gift for a mom, sister or friend and what makes it extra special is its handmade. We used red cloth for the interior and exterior of our jewelry box but it really can have multiple colors and patterns. Here’s a video tutorial of how we made our box.


4. Super Hero Cuffs 

When Celine got invited to a superhero birthday party we decided to make these cuffs to complete her super-girl costume. However, these don’t necessarily have to be super-hero cuffs.

Decorating them with with a pattern and some gems will transform them into beautiful bracelets.


5. Flower Pot 

This cute flower pot is super easy to make and a very fun project for kids.

You can make roses, sunflowers, tulips or daisies whichever flower is your favorite.



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