EASY CRAFT FOR KIDS Paper Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Header

These ornaments are so easy and cheap to make. They’re a perfect project for a group of kids and they will look so cute on your Christmas tree.


Step 1

Cut out 2 circles out of white cardboard and make sure one of them is bigger than the other, then stick the smaller one on top.


Step 2 

Stick on an orange triangle and black circles for the eyes. We actually make the eyes using a hole puncher and some of the leftover black cardboard paper we used to cut out the snowman hats.  You can also draw your eyes on our stick on googly eyes instead.


Step 3

Stick on some buttons on the big circle, you can use any shape or color instead of the red hearts such as gemstones, actual buttons, star shapes or even glitter paper cut-outs.


Step 4

Stick the black hat cut-out with a color strip for the band on the snowman’s head and make a hole at the top. Next add an adornment to the band such as a gemstone, snowflake, star shape or even a small pom pom.


Step 5

We used fluffy yarn to create a scarf for the snowman, just wrap it around his neck a few times and tie in the front to finish the look. For a thicker scarf cut out a few strands of yarn and braid them together before wrapping it around the neck.


Step 6

We added mittens to some of our snowmen and kept others without.

Finally tie some glitter string to the hat and leave the ornaments to dry for a couple of hours before attempting to hang them.

Snowmen Tree

This year we gave our snowmen some glittery pink accessories instead, as we’ve decided on a pink, blue and silver theme for our Christmas tree.

Snowman Ornaments

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