Star Shaped Christmas Ornaments


Stars Decorations

Each year we try and decorate our Christmas tree in a different color theme which gives us an excuse to make more decorations, which really is the fun part. Last year we decided on a winter look hanging only white and silver ornaments on the tree.

However, this year we decided to decorate our tree in pastel pinks & blues with a touch of silver. So we created 4 Star ornaments for our Christmas tree that are so easy for kids and adults to make.

Watch our video tutorial at the  bottom of the page  for a step by step explanation of how we made each star.

Star Chains2


Glitter foam paper + silver string = Star Chain Ornaments

These chain ornaments are super easy to make and look amazing on the tree. All you need is some glitter paper in the color you prefer. Cut out stars in 3 different sizes and then stick them back to back on the silver string.

You can swap the colors and make a pattern but make sure you use all 3 sizes on each chain, from big to small or vice versa.

Blue Star

Cardboard Glitter Stars

These are a little trickier to make as it requires a lot of folding but the finished stars look incredible. I would suggest making these a bit larger as with the small stars it was really hard to fold on the correct lines.

You can download the star template here which you will need to glue onto your colored cardboard. This will indicate where you need to fold and cut and will make the process much easier.

Yarn Star

Yarn Stars

This is another easy ornament to make using only pipe cleaners, yarn and glitter. All you need to do is manipulate the pipe cleaner into a star shape, then wrap the yarn around the star. you can use one color yarn or more.

Once the pipe cleaner is completely wrapped in a layer of yarn, attach the 2 ends of the star together and wrap with yarn to cover the edge, then make a loop to use for hanging.

Finally, brush the yarn with a little glue and sprinkle some sparkle.

Foam Stars1

Ribbon Covered Foam Stars

Depending on the ribbon you use to cover the foam stars, these ornaments can look super trendy, classical, rustic or fun. Just cut up some ribbon into strips of about 5-6 cm long and then cover the foam star until you’ve completely hidden the white foam base.

Once that’s done, you will need to make a rim or a border for the star. You can do this using a thick festive string, glue and glitter or a thin ribbon. Using normal glue to attach the border will not work, hot glue gun is a much better option as it dries up pretty quickly and holds it in place.

There are 2 ways to add a hanger to this ornament. First way is to use the same festive string or yarn that you used for the border and create a knot at the top. And don’t forget to secure it with the hot glue gun. The second way is using a needle and the string you will be using to hang the ornament, thread through the top of the star and knot it at the top.

The final step is to add some decoration to the middle of the star. I used snowflakes and gemstones on my stars. Some other ideas for the center of the star are buttons, beads, a bow … etc.

Watch our video tutorial for a step by step explanation of how we made each star.

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