Handmade Christmas Cards

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Nothing can relay your merry season wishes like an elegantly handmade Christmas Card.

We’ve created 4 Christmas card designs that look brilliant and are easy to make with your kids.


This card was inspired by a cute drawing I saw a month back of a family of snowmen. I thought this could be a great card for the holidays but decided to give it a bit more character. 

Snowman Family card

What you need to make this:


I’ve seen greeting cards with gift boxes printed on them in the shops so I thought I’d try making my own. My 6 year old daughter and I spread our craft supplies on the dining room table and within an hour we had created a few different card designs. I was surprised at how easy and fast it was to make these. You really can be as creative as you want with your presents, colors, ribbons and fonts depending on whether you want a more elegant or fun look.   

What you need to make this:


This bauble card is so pretty and shiny I kept it on my desk for a few days just so I can keep looking at it while I work. For a more Christmas-y look you can swap the pink and purple to green, gold and red. I tried making one with red gemstones on a while card and it also looks fabulous.   

Bauble Card

What you need to make this:


You can add your touch to this card by decorating the snowman to your liking by giving him a hat, mittens or even a snow background.

Snowman Card

What you need to make this:

  • A5 Paper folded in half
  • 2 white circles (one slightly larger than the other) 
  • Ribbon in your preferred color 
  • self adhesive gemstones (If not available, You can punch holes in black cardboard paper to use instead)
  • Orange paper cut into a triangle 
  • Craft snowflake sequin 
  • 2 small pompoms and a pipe cleaner for the ear muffs 
  • Gold pen to write on the card 


These cards took less than an hour to make and look so classy. We used silver and gold paper to cut out the circles and stars and added gemstones to the first card to give it more sparkle and shine. You can apply this technique using any shape or color to get the effect you want.

What you need to make this:

  • A5 Card Paper folded in half
  • Paper cut in a circle shape  
  • Glossy Silver paper 
  • self adhesive gemstones (2 Colors)
  • Hole puncher
  • Glitter Paper 

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