Gift Ornaments

Celine has always had a fascination with gift ornaments begging me to buy them just so she can open them thinking they actually have presents inside.

This year we decided to make gift ornaments for our tree and had so much fun decorating each box uniquely. These can be made in any size depending on your Christmas tree. 

What makes these ornaments even more special is that they were made from recycled material: old boxes, scraps of old wrapping paper and whatever string and yarn we had laying around the house. 

STEP 1: Prepare your boxes for wrapping 

In our case, we used an old Nespresso coffee box to make smaller boxes. 

STEP 2: Wrap the boxes and use glue or hidden tape on the inside 
STEP 3: Tie the box with yarn, string or ribbon

Its important to wrap these boxes as neatly as possible making sure you either glue the flaps or use hidden tape. This will give your ornament a seamless look. 

You can use old wrapping paper scraps, old sheets from a novel or just colored craft paper. Don’t use very busy patterns as they don’t look good when you wrap something small.

STEP 4: Make a pompom  or bow for the top of the box

Now its time to decorate these boxes anyway you want.

First tie the box like you would do a normal present. You can use yarn, ribbons, jute string or festive string. You can make a big bow on the top of the box, curl some ribbon strands with scissors or even make a small pompom if you’re using yarn. 

For some sparkle, you can add sequins and gemstones to the sides of box or on top of the bow. 

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