Kids Crafts related to the Seasons

SEASONS – Education Crafts from The Sandbox Girls

We love to incorporate our crafts and activities to the topics Celine is learning in school. Seasons is the perfect theme to learn about the weather and nature as well as time and change. Here are some of the activities and crafts from The Sandbox Girls that relate to this topic.


This is a super easy and fun craft for kids to understand the changes that occur in nature around them. This activity prompts children to use their creativity to decorate their different landscapes using colors, cutouts, glitter stickers and sequins.

The craft template is available for download HERE and you can follow the steps in the image below to assemble your own.

Seasons Tree from the Sandbox Girls

We actually made 2 tree versions at home.
The first tree is what you would expect trees to look in most areas of the world and the second tree is what the seasons actually look like in Dubai where we live. This is especially important for children who live in areas where seasons aren’t as clearly defined as other areas.

This is a great activity for an individual or for groups.


Seasons Paper dolls from The Sandbox Girls

We created three printable paper dolls with clothes for all four Seasons. Pick a doll, color it and its clothes and then dress them for the each season. The coloring pages are perfect for kids to use their creativity to personalize their dolls and both the coloring and cutting helps in developing their fine motor skills.

Download printable worksheets from The Sandbox Girls



This craft activity is great to teach the children about the temperature changes that occur in every season. The kit can also be used for other creative activities such as puppets for a story.


The beauty of this chart is that its a multi-purpose education template.
The chart can be used to teach kids about the months of the year, festivities, outdoor activities, seasonal fruits and much more. If working with a group of kids, you can create charts for multiple teams and turn the activity into a game or challenge.

To create the chart, you need to split an A3 cardboard sheet into 4 sections, one for each season. Label each section with a season and decorate it with an appropriate landscape. You can then make your own name cards for the months and cut out some clippings from magazines for the outdoor activities, fruits and festivities.

Seasons Chart from The Sandbox Girls

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