DIY Valentine Cards

Nothing says a ‘I love you’ more than a handmade valentine card especially if the card is super cute. So spread the love this February with a sweet home-made Valentine’s Day card.

We have created 7 Valentine cards that are super easy to make and look so nifty and impressive they could have been bought from a store.


This card is super elegant and one of my favorites. It actually seems hard to make but is surprisingly easy. The trick is to draw the tree silhouette first, you can trace over a print out. Then draw many tiny hearts all over the branches using 2 or 3 shades of the same color to look like leaves. And finally add some grass blades in the same color.

Follow the steps in the above tutorial to make this card and impress your loved ones this valentine.


A super cute and easy card to make with your kids with a few simple cutouts and a black pen. We used a classic red and black color scheme for our Tic-Tac-Toe XO card but any color do.

We started by gluing a red colored paper on the black card for a vibrant border, we then stuck on a white paper and drew on the Tic-Tac-Toe game. You can use a print out as an easier option. For the hearts, we cut red foam paper but you can use glitter paper, colored paper or just draw and color them.


You can be as creative as you want when making these cards. Start by cutting out a heart shape out of piece of cardboard and then wrap it up with colorful tape, stickers, glitter or cutouts. Once you’re done, cut out another heart slightly larger than the first one out of colored paper and stick it onto the card. Stick a piece of string or a thin ribbon to the heart and then stick the first heart on top, tie the ribbon or string around the decorated heart and you’re done.

Choose a color for the second heart that will help the first heart pop and don’t use a color that’s already been used on the decorated heart.


This card design works whether you’re going for a simple and elegant look or a colorful explosion. You can use foam heart cutouts for the balloons to give them a popping effect.


This card is super easy and fast to make and looks really cute when you’re done. We chose a rainbow pattern for our garland but you can also use one or 2 colors for a different effect.


This card has more of a classical look but its surprisingly easy to make. Cut out a few strips of ribbon tape and stick them the edges of the card, then add a few foam heart cutouts to the bottom corner and finally add a message in the empty space.


We used an envelope for this design but you can use any shape for the hearts to be flying out of, a basket, bottle, box …

Then cut out hearts in different sizes and colors and its important to lay them out before you start sticking them on.

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