DIY Unicorn Plush Toy

Since we made the mermaid dolls, we’ve started experimenting with different patterns and of course since Unicorns are a favorite of ours they were next in line.

This unicorn toy was simple to make and looks absolutely adorable. The below tutorial shows each step and contains a free sewing pattern.

We first cut out the body shape out of felt and stitched the 2 parts together. Leave a gap open at the rear and then flip the body inside out so the stitching is on the inside now.

You can download the Unicorn pattern here:

We then stitched two lines of faux fur from the unicorn’s horn and all the way down its neck to create the mane. We then filled the unicorn body with cotton stuffing but before closing the rear opening, we stitched together three short ropes of fur and inserted it into the rear opening.
We then proceeded to stitch the opening closed around the fur tail.

You can use yarn for the mane and tail instead of faux fur and we’ll upload another tutorial for that process. The tail would be attached almost the same way but the mane was done differently with the yarn. We stitched each yarn string individually onto the mane.

Next we embroidered the eyes using a thick black thread and the nose using a pink thread.

We folded and sewed together the white and pink felt pieces that we had cut out to make the ears and then stitched them on to the side of the unicorn’s head.

Finally, to decorate the unicorn we used a glue gun to stick some gemstones to the unicorn’s rear and wrapped a purple ribbon around its neck with a small silver heart.

Here is the full tutorial in case you wish to save it or share it with some of your friends.

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