Wall Art Ideas

Looking for ways to decorate your home without paying a fortune. We’ve compiled a list of DIY wall art projects that are easy to create and will look absolutely fabulous in your home.

Golden Flower Frame

I love decorating my home with uniquely handmade craft pieces and this beautiful DIY frame is the perfect addition to any home decor. I saw a similar frame in a furniture store a while ago but it was in silver and was pretty expensive, so I decided to make my own. In this video I show you how I made the flowers using foam paper and then attached them to a frame to create this handcrafted piece.

Decorated Letter Frame

This cute decorated letter is the perfect addition to any girl’s bedroom. Watch the video to see how we made flowers from foam paper and used them to cover the letter and make this pretty frame.

DIY Paper Plate Dream Catcher

We’ve always been fascinated with dream-catchers so we decided to make a heart inspired one this Valentine. Watch how make this pastel dream catcher using a paper plate, yarn, recycled cardboard and some lace scraps.

This is a kids version of a dreamcatcher, if you want to learn how to weave a dreamcatcher visit : coming soon

Golden Abstract Art

This was very easy to make but did take quite some time to complete. We made 2 versions of this wall decor. The first is made purely using golden paper but we chose more colorful and patterned paper for the second piece. Watch our video tutorial to see how we created this piece of art.

Recycled Magazines Mosaic Art

I hate throwing newspapers and magazines away so I always try to find some way to recycle them. In this case, we used magazine cutouts to create mosaic art. This project not only looks good but its so much fun for kids. They get to cut, glue and be messily creative. You can create the art in any shape or pattern.

Butterflies in a Jar Canvas

This piece is pretty easy to make and can be done using any old canvas you have lying around. I started by covering the whole canvas with black paint. While it was drying, I cut out butterflies in different sizes. For my butterflies I chose 2 shades of gold foil paper, but any colored or recycled paper would do.

Next, I cut out a small plastic bag in the shape of a jar, I glued the first plastic sheet on the canvas and added a jute string and brown paper tag to the top. Then, using a hot glue gun, I added gold glitter to the bottom of the jar. I did this by slowly squirting a little bit of glue at a time and quickly covering it with the glitter. Once the bottom was covered I glued some of the smaller butterflies inside the jar and then covered it with the second sheet of plastic and glued the edges carefully using hot glue.

Finally, I attached the butterflies onto the canvas in an arc shape to seem like they’re flying out of the jar. Its important to glue only the folded edge of the butterfly so the wings look like they’re fluttering. I also added some gemstones between the butterflies to give it a little more sparkle.

Personalized Kids Dream Catcher

This personalized dream catcher is perfect to hang above your child’s bed or to create as a personalized gift for a friend or family member.

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