Hama Beads Craft Ideas

Whether you call them perler beads, hama beads, fuse beads or melty beads … they’re all the same and kids seem to absolutely love them and honestly they’re actually quite relaxing to work on as an adult. My daughter adores Hama Beads and always wants me to join her when she’s creating her designs. So after a few times of literally creating the same thing, I decided we should at least make things that we can use around the house.

So we’ve compiled 12 Hama Beads craft ideas that are creative, useful and will keep your kids busy.

Pen Holder

The pen holder is really easy to make, you literally make 4 sides that are exactly the same size and a square base. The square’s sides need to be the same as the rectangle’s width. Once the pieces are ironed and cooled, attached them using a glue gun. Let the holder dry for a while before you put any pens inside.

Key Chain

Your key chain can be any shape, design or color you choose. The trick to making a strong design that won’t break is ironing the piece on both sides.

Door Signage

When I started creating this design I didn’t have a plan in mind, I just wanted to make Celine’s name using rainbow colors. Once it was done, we liked it so much and decided it would look great on Celine’s bedroom door. So we stuck it on a gold craft paper that we folded in half. We used the glue gun to stick everything which re-enforced the card and made the sign stronger.

Picture Frame

Hama beads make great frames. All you have to do is create the design, iron and then attach to the photo you’ve chosen. Cut out a piece of cardboard so its slightly larger than the photo and stick the photo onto it. Then hot glue the cardboard to the frame. On the back side, hot glue a paper clip to the cardboard and that will be your hook to hang the frame from.

Box with Lid

This box took a little work but was seriously worth it at the end. You’ll need to create 2 full circles and 7 to 10 round borders as well as 2 or 3 smaller circles for the top handle.

Start by gluing one of the border to the bottom circle and then keep adding one border at a time to create the edges of the box. Use more borders for a deeper box. Finally glue the small circles to the top circle to make the top handle.

Heart Bowl

This is very similar to the box but without the top. We made 4 heart borders to create the bowl’s rim.


Start by cutting out a string and choosing the hama beads you’ll be using for the bracelet. Then stick the middle of the string to the table using scotch tape. Insert the first two hama beads on one side of the string and then insert the other string in the opposite direction so the hama beads are hanging on both sides of the thread. Then pull the two sides of the thread. Repeat this step until you have enough hama beads for the bracelet and then make a knot at then top. Remove the scotch tape and join the 2 sides of the bracelet.


The coasters are pretty simple and easy to make. Once you’ve ironed the hama beads and let them cool down, cut out a circle out of foam paper and stick it to the bottom of the piece. This will stop the design from breaking and or sliding on the table when a drink is placed over it.

Notebook Tags

Using the same technique as the door sign, we created tags for our notebooks. The only difference is we stuck the hama bead design directly onto the notebook.


For the pendants, you can make any design and choose any color. Whether its a small heart, your first letter, a flower, a mosaic or a rainbow bar like the one in the image above, the important thing is to iron on both sides to avoid any breakage. Also, try not to make it too big

Fridge Magnets

Create small designs and glue on magnet strips to the back to create fridge magnets.

Greeting Cards

Use your Hama Bead designs to making personalized greeting cards for your friends and family. The beads give the card a nice pop of color and dimension.

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