Home Organization Ideas

Like most people, I tend to accumulate lots of bits and pieces around the house and its always a struggle to organize the storage areas so they’re not a heap of odds and ends. So, I’ve come up with some cost effective ideas to help organize different areas of my home and make it look pretty in the process.

Hidden Bookshelf Compartment

I’ve always wanted to create a library inspired wall in my house but also wanted some secret hidey-holes on the shelves. So I created a few of these bookshelf hidden compartments which slide out like a drawer. I absolutely love them, they blend completely between the other books and can store a lot of knick knacks. I made these using old shoe boxes and book covers and stuck a cloth ribbon at the bottom of the box so its easy to pull out the box.

Makeup Organizer for Craft Supplies

Ever considered using your makeup organizer for your craft supplies. I bought this makeup display ages ago but ended up never using it as my make up always ends up in my make up bag which I lug around with me in the car or in my vanity drawer. So one day I thought I’d try organizing my pens and craft supplies using this and I absolutely love how it neat my craft table looks. It actually inspires me to sit there and work.

IKEA Magazine File Up-cycled

These IKEA magazine files are quite cheap at 5 dirhams for a pack of 4 in comparison to another type which sells at 25 dirhams for a pack of 2. They’re narrow so they’re perfect to organize craft paper. I stuck the 4 files together with hot glue then covered them with a self adhesive cloth sheet. This organizer looks great in my craft area and provides the separation I need for the different types of craft papers.

We also made a similar organizer for my daughter’s school books and homework which she decorated herself.

DIY Re-usable Calendar

Being a mom means juggling your kids schedule as well as your own. And with cancellations and changes my normal calendar started looking more like a scribble pad rather than a reminder.
This DIY calendar is amazing and so easy to make. Just download this layout:

Print the sheet on A3 paper, then insert it into a frame and write the dates and notes on the plexi-glass using a whiteboard pen. Wipe everything off at the end of every month and start again.

Makeup Shelving Unit

Coming Soon …

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