Teaching Kids about Time

5 Crafts and Activities to help teach kids how to tell the time and date

Teaching children how to tell time and dates can be somewhat challenging, which is why we have come up with some fun activities and Free printable templates and worksheets you can use to make the learning process more exciting.


Before introducing clocks and calendars, start by explaining to your child the concept of time. Basically discuss what you do in the morning, noon, evening and at night. There are a few books that are great to start with such as … or you can make your own time book with your kids.

Just fold some sheets of paper in half and staple them in the middle to make a book. Have your kid then record each routine activity they do during the day by drawing it on a separate page. The first page can be ‘wake up and have breakfast’, evening can be for ‘dinner time’ all the way till bedtime.


Even though we live in a digital age, its still best to begin teaching kids how to tell time using an analogue clock as its design helps kids better understand time.

Kids learn best when they’re having fun so why not make a teaching clock with your kids and customize it with their favorite colors. The simplest way is to use a paper plate, divide into 4 equal sections and label it with the numbers and add the clock hands.

We took ours a few steps forward, by adding the colorful triangles, this helps the child understand the 5 minute segments better and the rainbow colors reflect the passage of time.

Now you can use this clock in a few different ways. One way is to ask your child to move the hands to reflect a time your specify. Alternatively the parent can move the hands and ask the child to tell the time. We hung our DIY clock under our wall clock and have Celine mirror the hands on the wall clock on her teaching clock and tell us the time.


Teaching kids about time isn’t limited to the hours of the day but also the day of the week, month and year. And the best way to teach them about calendar dates is for them to practice daily on their own calendar. I created this simple template showing the days of the week and months and inserted it into a frame with plexi-glass so we can write on it using a whiteboard pen. My daughter wakes up every morning and changes the date.

This is also a great way to teach the days of the week and names of the months in a different language. You can download the free templates below in English, Spanish or Turkish.


There are many types of clocks we use in our homes and around the world. A great activity is to examine the variety of clocks that exist in the world and their uses. For instance, a stopwatch is used for athletes, an oven timer is used for baking and an alarm is used to wake us up in the morning.

Go on a clock hunt and try to find as many clocks as you can and then create a poster with your kid to see how each clock works and what they are used for. You can also find some historical clocks or iconic ones around the world to add to your list.


Another fun activity to teach about calendar dates is by making a reminder sheet which kids can hang in their rooms. They can add birthdays, festivities and any other important dates. Each month they can look at their reminder sheet and see what events are coming up.

The template is available to download for free in English, Spanish and Turkish:


For some extra practice, you can download these free worksheets.

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