Fizzy Potions – Kids Fun Lab

Welcome to our kids fun lab! This summer we decided to start a series on our channel dedicated to fun science experiments for kids.

Fizzy Potions for Kids

Celine loves all things magical and has been harping on and on about learning magic tricks and making potions. Magic tricks have been a bit too difficult for her to perfect but magic potions she absolutely loves, and the messier the better!

In this video, we show you 3 easy potions that kids will have loads of fun trying. These potions can be used as a science project for kids, fun learning time or a science fair entry. All you need is a fizzy drink, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (Baking Soda) a balloon and some bottles or long glasses to make the potions in. And of course for an extra bit of magic we used food coloring.

Color Investigation

Today’s science experiments are all about investigating colors. These activities can be used as science projects for kids, fun learning time or a science fair entry.

Experiment 1: Place Smarties or M&Ms in a white plate and pour a little bit of water.

Experiment 2: Pour some milk in a flat plate and add some drops of food coloring. Coat a cotton bud in some fabric cleaner and then dip it in the middle of the plate and watch what happens.

Experiment 3: Cut a lemon in half and pour some food coloring and fabric cleaner on top of the lemon then add a few teaspoons of baking soda and watch the color fizz.

Experiment 4: Prepare 4 cups of water and add food color drops in each cup: Red, blue, green and yellow. Fold some napkins into strips and dip each side of the napkin into a cup.

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